About Us
What makes the IGOAL stand out against other goals on the market?
  • Keep Football on the move
  • Take it anywhere, anytime
  • No hassle you can score in seconds.
  • Suitable for any age group
  • Safety - never get knocked out by an IGOAL
  • One year guarantee
  • Helps training - improves skills
  • Lightweight and easy transportation
  • Fits into most cars
  • No frustration, just inflate
  • Inflates using its own 2-way pump
  • Suitable for any surface - indoors or in the park or beach!
  • Preservation of pitch surface
  • Independently tested and passed by BSi
  • Seven goal sizes available up to full regulation size goal

IGOAL is an innovative company using newly developed technologies to manufacture high quality inflatable portable football goals.

The company is made up of ex-professional sportsmen and those with proven track record in business all of whom are passionate about their product.

IGOAL Europe recognised the need for a time saving goal - he has spent many cold hours putting up and attaching nets to goals for his son's football training. "There must be a simpler way" he thought and went on to develop the IGOAL over a two year period.

IGOAL is a new revolution in soccer which will provide both professional and amateur players with a portable goal which can be used in any location in seconds. Each IGOAL comes with pre-attached net and packs away in its own bag for easy storage and transportation.

The IGOAL has been developed over a two year period along with partners in engineering and quality control who have a 20 year experience in international manufacture and distribution. All the components are tried and tested and widely used in different areas of industry.

Amateur football leagues and recreational players will also find the IGOAL adds a new dimension to their enjoyment of the game. With initiatives from the UK government and other international agencies to increase sport for all. The IGOAL will help more children and adults to play football.

IGOAL Europe are continuing to develop their range and will be looking to launch new and exciting products into the sporting arena in the future.

All sizes of IGOAL have been tested and passed by BSi and SGS, the FA approved testing centre, have tested and passed the Junior (12'x6') and Intermediate (16'x7') IGOALS to BS8462:2005 which are therefore suitable for match use. The IGOAL is being introduced to all professional clubs for use within their academies and is also being used by major clubs for their Football in the Community programmes.

IGOAL is seeking distributors for the IGOAL, please contact us. info@igoaleurope.com

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